for The Stuff of Family Life: American Library Association CHOICE Magazine

“Focusing on the meaning of objects associated with ‘home’ and with family-related social processes such as parenting, divorcing, and aging, Janning takes a sociological glimpse at several seemingly trivial but terribly relevant family topics. Her subjects are far ranging, including owners’ suites; living spaces with great rooms, toys, and photo albums; dining rooms, with evidence of social class distinctions and dishes that link individuals to past and future families; spaces symbolizing transitions to adulthood or new family groupings; home offices with work bags and calendars; and bathrooms. Rather than an overarching theoretical focus, Janning introduces three general themes early in chapter 1 and then reintroduces them at the end of each section to tie together the many short glimpses into this wide range of family-related topics. The themes are the boundaries between public and private life, the connection between home life and larger social issues, and the symbolic and channeling functions of homes….

Summing Up: Recommended. All public and academic levels/libraries.”