Media & Press

I have been interviewed, quoted, or invited to contribute my writing to The Atlantic, BBC, NPR, the New York Times, PBS,, Cosmopolitan, Real Simple, and numerous other print, television, and audio outlets. I am happy to talk with journalists and others about my areas of expertise, which include family relations, human-centered design, homes/neighborhoods and social relations, love letters, technology and relationships, inequalities, parenthood, childhood, Scandinavian life, education, and popular culture. Please feel free to contact me! Here are some highlights appearing in TV, radio, print, and online formats:

Human-Centered Design

I co-designed a program in human-centered design, featured in this story, as well as this newspaper

COVID-19 and Implications for Home, Family, and Life Stages

I am quoted at Vox about how bedroom privacy has changed during the pandemic. I have offered insights about the impacts of COVID-19 for digital nomads in the Christian Science Monitor here. I have been interviewed about how COVID-19 impacts parent-child relations and transitions to adulthood when young adults move back home in a set of syndicated articles and by NBC News. My survey research on health and economic and care work impacts of COVID-19 on Washingtonians is featured in the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin here.

The Stuff of Family Life: How our Homes Reflect our Lives

My research on social implications of homes is featured in this Inlander article. Here’s my blog post in the Humanities Washington magazine Spark about the Marie Kondo decluttering/tidying up phenomenon. Gender and labor associated with holiday decorating and family letters are discussed in JStor Daily here. I was interviewed for an article in The Atlantic about how home spaces matter in defining who counts as a member of the family here. See my response to family separation and family policy in the New York Times from July 2018 here. See tips for kids whose families split apart in the Orlando Sentinel here. Read my ideas about minimalism and technology in old home spaces at Vox here. Listen to my additions to this BBC podcast on men and tool sheds here. Watch my TV interview about what our home spaces and objects say about our family relationships with Waco, TX CBS station KWTX here, and a great write-up about the topic in the Redlands, Califnornia newspaper. Bloomer Boomer TV interviewed me about home objects and family life transitions here, and Armin Brott (Mr. Dad) interviewed me about changes in family lives on Positive Parenting radio. Thoughts about couples sharing beds is discussed in this piece from The Columbus Dispatch.

Love Letters, Romance, and Intimate Relationships

My ideas about gender and relationships are included in this article about “trad wives” at Insider, in Polish Vogue at The Christian Post, and on American Variety Radio. I’m quoted at BBC about emotional infidelity here. My Love Letters book on the curatorial practice of saving digital and paper love letters is featured in this Elle article about celebrity breakup announcements and this LA Times article and this Glam article, this PBS Next Avenue piece about why we love love, in this Cosmopolitan article about keeping an “Ex Box,” on this podcast at The Verge, in this article in Le Monde, in this article at Medium, and in this article in the Boston Globe. Listen to my full talk on love letters that was aired on Minnesota Public Radio, watch my TV interview with Minneapolis CBS station WCCO Television, and read my interview in the Minneapolis Star Tribune about digital v. handwritten love letter practices here. I’m interviewed for a great podcast on digitizing paper love letters with New York Metropolitan Libraries’ Bytegeist podcast here, and in a Women’s Health article on love lives.

Parenthood, Childhood, and Family Relationships

The New York Times interviewed me about mothers opting out of holiday rituals here. The BBC interviewed me about parents creating new names for their children here. I was interviewed at about single parenthood here. I was interviewed about the trend of increased singles and decreased marrieds in U.S. society at Wisconsin Public Radio. I was interviewed for an article on mothers being arrested for leaving children alone in this piece in U.S. News & World Report. The Mother Company website featured my interview about changing mothers’ roles from Mad Men to contemporary motherhood here. included my work on issues that working parents face here. My take on women’s and men’s roles in household division of labor is discussed in this article from Real Simple. This article in The Christian Science Monitor included my ideas about professional matchmakers.

Popular Culture

I was interviewed on NPR about gender, FIFA, and women’s soccer here

Yahoo interviewed me about girls screaming at Billie Eilish concerts in this article.

I was interviewed here at NPR about why we are fascinated with objects, including ones that drop from the sky on New Year’s Eve.

Listen to my interview and read about why girls scream at One Direction concerts in this piece from Washington Post, in this Hairpin piece, and on KCBS San Francisco radio here:

Navigating Social Boundaries

In addition to CBS Boston Radio’s “Women’s Watch,” Author Story featured my book Between: Living Life in Neither Extreme on their podcast: