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Television, Radio, and Podcast Appearances

2017. My continuing work on the curatorial practice of saving digital and paper love letters is featured on this wonderful podcast at The Verge.

2017. Check out my radio interviews about my essay collection Between: Living Life in Neither Extreme:

Boston, MA (CBS; WBZ1030 Radio “Women’s Watch“)

Des Moines, IA

Orlando, FL


Author Story

2017. Connected to The Stuff of Family Life, Bloomer Boomer TV interviewed me about home objects and family life transitions here.

2017. Armin Brott (Mr. Dad) interviewed me about The Stuff of Family Life on Positive Parenting radio.

2017. I’m interviewed for a great podcast with New York Metropolitan Libraries’ Bytegeist podcast; this one on digital and paper love letter saving practices.

2016: Watch my TV interview about The Stuff of Family Life (what our stuff says about our relationships) with Waco, TX CBS station KWTX here.

2016: Listen to an interview with TBS Radio in South Korea where I review research on gender, race, and class stereotypes in Disney films here: 

2016: You can hear me speak about my research on love letters and the digital age on Whitman College’s Ankeny Crossing Podcast.

2015: Listen to my full talk on love letters, gender, and long-distance relationships at the University of St. Thomas, which was aired on Minnesota Public Radio.

2015: Watch my TV interview about my love letters research with Minneapolis CBS station WCCO Television.

2014: I was interviewed about the trend of increased singles and decreased marrieds in U.S. society at Wisconsin Public Radio.

2014: Listen to my interview and read about why girls scream at One Direction concerts in this piece from Washington Post.

2014: Listen to my KCBS San Francisco radio interview about girlhood and concert screaming here: 


Here’s a great write-up about my book The Stuff of Family Life and a talk I gave in Redlands, California.

My workshop for the Tulsa Small Business Summit on material and spatial boundaries for work and family are featured in this Tulsa World article.

My research on second homes is discussed in this 2017 Walla Walla Union-Bulletin article.

The Stuff of Family Life, in particular the parts about couples sharing beds, is discussed in this 2017 piece from The Columbus Dispatch.

The Deseret News quotes me in this 2016 piece about Disney films and unrealistic stories of poverty for children.

I am interviewed in 2015 in the Minneapolis Star Tribune about digital v. handwritten love letter practices here.

On the Handwritten website, linked here, I offer ideas about the meaning of handwritten and digital love letters in 2015.

I am quoted here by the Albany (NY) Times Union about the 2015 winner of the reality show “The Voice,” and girls voting for him.

I am quoted in 2015 about paradoxical interpretations about girls screaming at rock concerts in this Hairpin piece.

I have some quotes in this 2015 blog post about technology and love from the Miami Herald.

I was interviewed for an article on mothers being arrested for leaving children alone in this 2014 piece in U.S. News & World Report. 

The screaming girls story was reprinted in 2014 in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Read my ideas about how technology is changing family relationships in this article from 2014 in Natural Living Magazine: AtmosNatural_Spring-Summer_2014 tech and families

 A 2014 blog post from my own local Walla Walla Union-Bulletin about parents keeping kids’ experiences private on social media includes my insights here.

A  2013 Walla Walla Union-Bulletin story included my insights in this article on craft bazaars and women’s roles.

The Mother Company website featured my interview about changing mothers’ roles from Mad Men to contemporary motherhood on Mother’s Day in 2013 here. included my work in a 2013 article on issues that working parents face here.

My take on women’s and men’s roles in household division of labor is discussed in this article from Real Simple in 2012.

In 2008, this article in The Christian Science Monitor included my ideas about professional matchmakers.

I added some pieces to this 2008 Women’s Health article on love lives.

This is one of the many articles that feature my work on gender and home decorating television shows, from The San Francisco Chronicle in 2004.