I have taught courses or offered research advising in the sociology programs at Whitman College, The University of Notre Dame, St. Olaf College, The Danish Institute for Study Abroad, and in the Centre for Women’s Studies at the University of York (England).

Courses I have designed and taught include Global Childhoods, Principles of Sociology, Social Research Methods, Social Statistics, Sociology of the Family, Sociology of Education, Gender and Society, Racial and Ethnic Group Relations, Sociology of the Home, Social Problems, Field Laboratory in Applied Sociology, and Seminar in Cultural Sociology.  Part of my teaching load at Whitman College also includes advising senior sociology (and sometimes other) majors on their year-long thesis project.  I chair and serve as a reader on 12-20 of these each year. They each include a written thesis (usually around 50-70 pages) and a 75-minute oral exam.

I have led Independent Studies in Sociology on topics including community-based research, children’s studies, education, sociology of humor, divorce and childhood, gender and the body, hip-hop culture, interior design and architecture, gender and violence, gender and sports, advanced survey design, gender and work in cross-cultural perspective, adolescent sexuality, and sociology of music.

I have chaired interdisciplinary individually designed majors at Whitman College in childhood studies, race and class inequality, global development, welfare reform, gender and religion, political sociology, American race and ethnic studies, American cultural studies, and social psychology.

I have published, led workshops, and given talks on pedagogical innovation, community-based research assignments, grading efficiency, and balancing teaching and research at small liberal arts colleges.

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